Dr. Mohamed Abo Dan

Dr. Mohamed Abo Dan


Meet Me

Dr. Mohamed Abo Dan started his career over 20 years ago and has practiced in many countries around the world. A proud member of the Dental Board of Canada, Dr. Abo Dan has committed himself to continual training and development which has allowed him to incorporate the most advanced treatments available in surgery, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, and implant dentistry. He is passionate about all things dentistry and has spent numerous hours attending further education courses, as well as researching and implementing contemporary techniques in all aspects of dentistry. This unique combination of training and expertise allows Dr. Abo Dan to diagnose and treat many complex cases from start to finish in order to obtain the best results for his clients with maximum convenience.


Practice Philosophy

His philosophy is “to give patients the dream smile they have always wanted”. His work encompasses all aspects of dentistry to not only give you a beautiful smile but a healthy smile. He understands that most patients may be apprehensive about dental treatment and is dedicated to providing pain-free dentistry in a relaxed and comfortable environment. His sessions are light-hearted, with a TV mounted on the ceiling to take you away from the dental environment and give you a delightful and memorable dental visit.




Personal Life

In his free time, Dr. Abo Dan spends most of his time with his family. He enjoys the outdoors, traveling, and personal development.